Madak Belo Guest House

Established in 2011, Madak Belo is a simple and relax little guesthouse which got only 2 bungalows a few steps from the sea and 3 rooms upstairs in the big wooden house. Because there is no paradise without a cold drink (beer for myself, maybe fresh fruit juice for you?) and some nice meals, Madak Belo got of course a bar and a restaurant.

All the construction have been made in the respect of nature with no electricity using as much as it could wood, bamboo, stones and traditional “alang-alang” grass roof.

Located 20 meters from the beach, the 2 beach bungalows got their own en-suite open-air bathroom made out of natural stones for the walls and the lavatory.
The big terrace is equipped with a large outside bamboo sofa coming with a bamboo bench.
Inside is furnished with a high quality queen-size spring-bed and its strong and beautiful handmade bamboo bed base, a proper and adapted mosquito net, a large bamboo dresser, a bamboo table completed with two bamboo chairs.  All the lamps are self designed and unique.
Families or group of friends will appreciate the size of each bungalow. With their 42m² each in total, the bungalows are big enough so we can add an extra queen-size spring-bed mattress equipped with a good mosquito net.
From the bed, you can enjoy almost every morning the beautiful sunrise next to the Rinjani , the 2nd highest mountain in Indonesia (3726 m).
We also got 3 backpackers rooms on the second storey of the main building, located even closer from the beach than the bungalows. It consists in 3 rooms, 1 shared bathroom and 1 big terrace.
The rooms are furnished with the same bed and mosquito net quality than the bungalows. They are too small to add an extra mattress, but it fits to large families or group of friends because they can enjoy the almost privacy of this 90m² floor.
The bathroom  is shared only by the guests of these 3 rooms. There is a natural stone lavatory, a
those 3 rooms. 
The bar always plays international good tunes (we hope so!!) and offers a large selection of international spirits, some home-made flavored rums, sodas and fresh fruit juice from 07h00 until 23h00 (or more).
The restaurant can guaranty extreme freshness as all the dishes are prepared on order. We go everyday to the market so what is on the menu is available and as fresh as possible.
We organize snorkeling trips to Gili Layar and Gili Ringit, day trip to Gili Nanggu and Gili Sudak.
If you need any transport (car, ticket plane) for your way back, we can arrange it too. Madak Belo is a small hotel but run with a big heart.
The Name of our Guest House kept the original name of this beach. It means long coral beach (at low tide) in Sasak (Lombok local culture).
See you soon!
Henri, Madak Belo Team

PS : Tres chers Francais…. si vous planifiez de venir à Madak Belo, sachez que j’offre l’apéro et toute ma reconnaissance, à tout ceux qui me rapporteront un précieux souvenir de France : Vin et/ou bien, charcuterie, fromage, conserve de votre choix….j’en salive déjà ;-)) merci d’avance a tous

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