Several people are ranting because their tapware is giving them a severe problem. In fact, some of them has changed their tapware several time without numbers, yet the issue remains intact. At times, the case used to start when water starts to drip from the spout of the bathroom fixtures; one can quickly conclude that the tapware is faulty. Of course, that is a logical judgment. However, the issue might not be what you think. Several people took the bold step of changing their tapware, thinking it was the one malfunctioning. After a while, the problem still rises again. 

However, it is expedient for you to hire a competent plumber to help you install your tapware. I hope you will agree that not all plumbers are up to the task. I mean, not all of them can deliver a quality plumbing service. Most of the issues you are battling with your tapware are plumbing issues. Therefore, this article aims at digging deep into three crucial plumbing issues that can affect tapware. Not only that, but I will also be explaining some things you need to look out for before hiring a plumber. 

Below are the 3 crucial plumbing issues that can affect your tapware

  1. Piping problems: If you hire a plumber who cannot correctly fix the pipe, you will have an issue with your tapware. The tap may fail and stop working. At times, the problem concerning your kitchen tapware and bathroom tapware can be caused by inefficient degraded supply lines in your property. These pipes may be oxidized, broken, or dented due to excessive tree root growth around underground water pipes. Other difficulties that can indicate broken piping include abnormal smells around pipes and fixtures, uncommon water discoloration, unnecessary water leakage, or modest but constant water seepage near the pipe connections. What am I saying in essence? I am only trying to show you how piping problems can affect your kitchen tapware or bathroom tapware. Therefore, it is expedient for you to check the fixing of the pipe properly. One can ask the plumber to help prevent the piping layout and know if the lines are in good condition.
  2. Extreme water pressure: This is a crucial problem that negatively affects tapware. If the home water pressure is extremely high, water can start to drip from tap installations. Remember that this can cause wear and tear on the valve washer. Not only that, ceramics cartridges in one’s mixers can get damaged. They can start leaking or even break at times. When water pressures are high in pipes, water hammers or noise can occur. Endless water hammer can cause the slackening of connections and weariness in pipes resulting in failure and outflows. If these ongoing incidences are left unaddressed severe problems may arise, leaving one without running water at the very least but of poorer quality, and still flooding may occur. 

A competent plumber will take steps to determine if high water pressure is a problem in your home. If that is the case, the plumber may recommend that a pressure reducing valve or pressure limiting valve be fixed at the mains between the meter and supply line. This will help return the pressure to the maximum of five hundred (kpa) in a building at any outlet other than a fire service outlet, stipulated by the plumbing code of Australia (PCA). Therefore, one can only be successful in adjusting and fixing this problem if one has a competent plumber. 

  1. A worn-out valve seat: You might be wondering or curious to know where the valve seat is located. The valve seat is situated, and the base of the tapware’s bar, which is linked to the tap grips and is the entry to the spout or showerhead, and it is from this point, the water is turned on and off. Hence,  if the valve seat has been damaged significantly, rusted, or has gathered with a build-up of minerals, this will stop the creation of an effective seal between the valve washer and valve seat, allowing water to trickle past this point. This problem can be fixed with adequate repairs by substituting the valve’s washer, reseating the valve seat, or in some cases swapping the whole spindle may be necessary. This can cause damage to the tapware.

Knowing the three crucial plumbing issues that can affect tapware makes it suitable for you to understand what to look out for before hiring a plumber. The essence of explaining things you need to look out for before hiring a plumber is that you will be able to avoid spending extra money on fixing the above-listed critical plumbing issues. Therefore, here are the things you need to look out for before hiring a plumber to install your tapware;

  1. Experience: You can afford to lose some of your income in hiring plumbers every six months. You need to check for understanding if you don’t want your tapware to be affected. If you hire an experienced plumber, there’s a high tendency that you will escape falling into the above-listed plumbing problems that can affect your tap. 
  2. Hire well-trained plumbers: It is good to hire a well-trained plumber. Then, how can one know if a plumber is well-trained? Of course, one will know. All you need to do is to ask your plumber some questions. Then, you need to pay attention, concentrate on his gesture, and read some meanings to his body reaction. I am sure you will know if such a plumber is a trained one or not.
  3. Check out for positive reviews: One can also know if one is working with a competent plumber if one can check the plumber’s website to check the percentage of people that has said something positive about him.

Closing thought

Dear reader, I hope you have gotten something tangible to run with. The essence of explaining the three crucial plumbing issues that can affect your tapware is that one will know things that may likely affect one’s tap. Finally, this article also contains items one needs to look out for before hiring a plumber to avoid the three critical issues.