Out of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom and kitchen are the most visited places. Have you seen why those special rooms deserve more attention in terms of care and maintenance? Now you see.

Practically, the bathroom and kitchen experience more traffic daily, and, as a result, the life span of the flooring in those two areas might be shortened. I don’t want to waste time buttressing that point; I guess you already know what adverse impact heavy traffic might have on tiles. Click here to read about the best Terrazzo Tiles for your Kitchen and Bathroom.

Hence, you must install high-quality tiles in your bathroom and kitchen to avoid constant repairs or replacements that can harm your pocket. So, what kind of tile is the most suitable for upgrading your kitchen and bathroom? 

Say hello to one of the best tiles in this modern time – terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo tiles are highly esteemed for their unequalled durability, versatility and flexibility. In reality, terrazzo tiles can last for more than a century with little cleaning and maintenance efforts – I know that would gladden your heart and pocket.

Whether you are on a low or moderate budget, terrazzo tiles are your best option for upgrading your kitchen and bathroom flooring. No matter how you spin it, you can’t compare the beauty and glamour of these top-quality tiles to any other type. 

Now, having learned about the numerous benefits that come with upgrading your kitchen and bathroom floor with high-quality terrazzo tiles, let’s go and know a few things you need to do to transform your aesthetic car wallpaper and kitchen and bathroom flooring into a wonderland. 

Are you ready? Here you go

1. Avoid Current Trend 

One of the things I always recommend for architects or contractors is to ensure that they lay the tiles in a unique pattern. That is what I call being classic. 

Terrazzo tiles look better in a more classic design. Though you might also like to create a trending design for your kitchen and bathroom, I think you should go for a design that won’t stay in vogue for a few moments and become less relevant after a few months. 

Terrazzo tiles allow you to create any design that you can ever imagine. So, make it count by fashioning a classic design that will fit the current trend and remain in vogue as styles changes year after year.

2. Make a perfect blend of the colours 

Terrazzo tiles come in a wide variety of attractive colours, which is a huge advantage to give your kitchen and bathroom a fabulous look. Have you ever seen how fantastic it looks when you blend several colours of terrazzo tiles in a design? It is always sensational. 

If you are somebone who doesn’t like to mix colours, you need to see what terrazzo tiles have to offer. I bet you will love it. 

How do you blend your terrazzo tiles’ colours to make magic in your bathroom and kitchen? Let me fill you in. First, you need to decide what your background shade would be. Then, find another colour that perfectly matches your background shade to create a unique design. Your bathroom or kitchen will thank you for it.                

3. Blend it with your wallpaper 

Many home designers do not support combining terrazzo tiles with wallpaper. Their thoughts are always that the two don’t go together for a kitchen or bathroom design. Well, I have a contrary opinion. 

Based on experience, wallpapers are perfect compliments for terrazzo tiles. If you know how to do it right, you will love the outcome. Let me challenge your thinking. Imagine a kitchen with high-quality terrazzo on the floor, attractive wallpaper on the wall and classic pendant lights dropping from the roof. What do you think about that picture? Excellent. 

Note that wallpapers are not suitable for the bathroom because of the water splash. But it can be a double blessing in a kitchen. 

4. Use the dark grout effect 

Every professional tile installer should know that dark grout is essential. It creates a stunning geometric effect. Although most people prefer having immaculate white tiles in their bathroom, you can choose to switch from the old tradition by using dark grout to spice things up. 

Dark grout makes white terrazzo tiles pop out more, projecting a classic look and feel. That is why I like to call it ‘the inverse’. 

5. Introduce texture 

Sometimes, you can make your terrazzo tiles sit at the back and take different colours of marble to do the magic. I believe you already know what marble can do independently. Now, think about what a perfect combination it could be if you combine it with high-quality terrazzo tiles. Even a one-time visitor will pat you on the back. However, a blend of terrazzo tiles and marble don’t show up at a distant glance until you look at it closely. 

6. How about the Herringbone pattern? 

If you care about upgrading your bathroom or kitchen in a grand style, a herringbone pattern can be a very good design idea. Herringbone is a classic pattern that has already won the heart of many people, but it gets more appealing if you use terrazzo tiles. 

One thing about herringbone is that it looks great booth on the wall and floor. If you can hire an expert installer to do it professionally, don’t be surprised that your family would always want to be in the bathroom. 

7. Choose fresh colours 

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom upgrades, the colour matters, so you need to ensure that you choose calm colours that promote serenity and appeal to your household’s diversified taste at the same time. White is the most used colour for the bathroom, but the kitchen allows more variety of colours.


Terrazzo tiles are great for kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and it permits you to be dynamic with colours and designs. Mind you; terrazzo tiles require the assistance of a professional to produce the best result. Doing it yourself will not add much value to your renovation project.