Madak-Belo is on the East side of Gili Gede, one kilometer after Tanjugan village.

Gili Gede Indah “pretty little big island” in a mix of Bahasa Indonesia and Sasak (local dialect), is the largest of 12 unspoiled islands in Sekotong Bay, south-west of Lombok in Indonesia.

The island is 4 km long and between 300 m and 1500 m wide, depending on the location. There are no motorized vehicles, so to move across the island, you take the coastal path or take a taxi boat.
In Gili Gede Indah there are two lakes with seawater and 3 hills. The long white sandy beaches are mainly on the east and north coasts.

There are three main villages and dozens of hamlets grouped around 1000 people living here mainly from fishing.

Tips 😉 We truly encourage you to visit our region with motorbike and to leave your motorbike in Tembowong, for the time you stay with us on Gili Gede.

Sekotong Barat, the southwest peninsula of Lombok, from the tip of Bangko Bangko to the city of Lembar, the main harbour of Lombok, receives ferries from Bali every hour.

The only road along the west coast is lined with deserted beaches and unspoiled islands (Gili Gede, the largest, Gili Nanggu, Gili Layar, Gili Sudat, Gili Ringgit G,ili Poh, Gili Asahan …) and runs trough the small towns of Sekotong and Pelangan, before ending on a track that continues to Bangko Bangko, one of the most surf breaks known in Indonesia.

At Pelangan, you can turn east (instead of going west) to reach within 5 km, a magnificent beach, named Mekaki, which opens onto a crescent of more than 1500 m white sand, roll, cliffs and rainforest.

Sekotong Barat’s ressources are mainly from fishing, a little bit of farming and brick making. this area is experiencing a gold rush, which is moderate, but wich is gradually emerging the region from its isolation.

The region is also opening little by little to tourism: in 2011 there were a dozen hotels, including some on the islands of Gili Gili Gede and Gili Nanggu.

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