Dear customers, please be aware that Madak Belo try his best to keep the prices as low as possible. Prices remain the same throughout the year (low and high season) and are non-negotiable.

Prices from 1st January 2016

  • Beach Bungalow: 500.000Rp per night (private open air bathroom).
  • BackpackerĀ  Room: 250.000Rp per night (shared bathroom with 3 rooms).
  • Extra Mattress (only for bungalow): 100.000Rp per night (Queen size spring bed with a proper mosquito net).
  • Baby Court with mosquito net: 100.000Rp per night.

Please be aware

  • All the prices are net so already include 10% government tax and 5% service, but doesn’t include food, beverage, activities and transfer. Please, consider 40 000 Rp to 65 000 Rp per person as average price for our breakfast.
  • Every room and bungalow got 1 Queen size spring bed and a proper mosquito net, we do not have twin bed.
  • There’s no ATM on Gili Gede, the closest ATM is in Lembar Harbor, 1 hour drive from Madak Belo.
  • You can pay cash in Indonesian Rupiah, Euro, Pound Sterling or American, Australian and Singapore Dollars in our place. We use the same exchange rate that our BCA bank.
  • We accept no credit card but you can transfer money from an Indonesian bank to our Indonesian BCA bank account. Foreign bank transfers are too long so we can’t accept it.
  • If you run out of cash and that you want to stay longer, you can use one of our drivers for your way back and then stop at an ATM and give him the money. That’s definitely the easiest solution. Just be careful if you come with your own transport!!!

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